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Industry Knowledge Extension

Construction of the ball valve

A ball valve is a versatile mechanical device used to control the flow of fluids, typically in pipelines, by means of a spherical closure mechanism. This spherical closure, often referred to as the ball, has a bore or passage through which the fluid can pass when the valve is open. Rotating the ball 90 degrees either opens or closes the valve, allowing for quick and efficient flow control. Ball valves are known for their reliability, ease of operation, and ability to provide tight sealing, making them a popular choice in various industries, including plumbing, oil and gas, water treatment, and industrial processes, where precision and durability are paramount.

Ball valve is a common valve type, its construction includes the following main parts:

Valve body: Ball valve's valve body is usually formed by casting, forging, or cutting to accommodate the valve core and connecting pipes.

Spool (ball): The ball valve's spool is a spherical switching device that can control the flow of fluid or gas by rotating it.

Seat: The seat of the ball valve is the sealing part of the ball, usually made of elastic material, which is used to ensure the sealing performance of the valve.

Gasket: The gasket of the ball valve is usually installed between the valve body and the bonnet to ensure the sealing performance of the valve.

Operating rod: The operating rod of the ball valve is connected to the spool, and the control of the spool can be realized through manual or electric operation.

Guides: The ball valve's guides are used to ensure that the spool maintains a stable orientation as it rotates.

Connecting parts: The Ball valve's connecting parts include inlet and outlet pipes, flanges and threads, etc., which are used to connect the valve with the pipe.

The structure of a ball valve is usually relatively simple, easy to operate, has good sealing, long service life, suitable for various fluid and gas control occasions. Its structural design can also be improved and optimized according to different use environments and control requirements, such as adding electric operating devices, adjusting the size of the hole inside the valve body, etc.

The application of ball valve

Double union ball valve is a valve widely used in various industrial fields. Due to its advantages of simple structure, small size, convenient operation, and good sealing performance, it is widely used in the following aspects:

Oil and gas industry: Ball valve is widely used in fluid control in oil and gas exploration, processing, and transportation. For example, in the control system of an oil well, the ball valve is used to control water injection, depressurization, and discharge.

Chemical industry: Ball valve is widely used in fluid control and processing in the chemical industry, such as controlling and regulating acid-base solutions, various chemicals, gases, etc.

Sewage treatment and water supply systems: Ball valves can be used in sewage treatment and water supply systems, such as for controlling and regulating water flow, water level, and water pressure.

Food and pharmaceutical industry: Ball valve can be used for fluid control in the food and pharmaceutical industry, such as controlling and regulating dairy products, juices, medicines, etc.

Home life: Ball valve is also widely used in home life, such as controlling and adjusting household faucets, washing machines, etc.

Water float ball valve has a wide range of applications, suitable for a variety of different fluid and gas control occasions. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of technology, the design and function of water float ball valves are also constantly innovating and improving to meet more complex and demanding control needs.