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Industry Knowledge Extension

The role of the stop valve

A stop valve (globe valve) is a commonly used valve type, its function is to control the flow of medium in the pipeline system, it can be used to open and close the fluid channel, thereby controlling the flow and pressure of the medium. A stop valve is usually used on the main pipeline of the pipeline system, and can also be used at the inlet and outlet of branch pipelines and equipment to control the flow of media.

The stop valve usually consists of the valve body, bonnet, valve stem, valve core, sealing ring, and so on. When the valve is in the open state, the medium can flow freely through the valve. When it is necessary to stop the flow of the medium, the valve stem can be rotated to move the valve core to the valve seat, thereby blocking the fluid passage and preventing the flow of the medium. In this way, the flow and pressure of the medium can be effectively controlled, and the control of the pipeline system can be realized.

Stop valve has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance, and durability, and is suitable for various media, such as steam, water, oil, natural gas, etc. It is widely used in industry, construction, agriculture, and other fields. At the same time, stop valve can also adopt different materials and connection methods according to different needs, so as to adapt to different working environments and usage requirements.

Installation and precautions of the stop valve

The structural installation of the stop valve (globe valve) usually includes the following steps:

Preparation: First, you need to choose the appropriate brass stop valve, choose the appropriate specification, material, and connection method according to the requirements of the pipeline system, and then clean and inspect to ensure that the valve is free from defects.

Install the valve body: Install the valve body on the pipeline to ensure that the connection is sealed and reliable to avoid water leakage and leakage.

Install the valve stem: Insert the valve stem into the valve body, and pay attention to the installation position and sealing performance of the sealing ring between the valve stem and the valve body.

Install the bonnet: Fix the bonnet on the valve body, make sure the connection between the bonnet and the valve body is firm, and avoid leakage.

Install the valve core: Install the valve core on the valve stem to ensure the sealing performance between the valve core and the valve seat.

Debugging: After the installation is completed, debugging is required. By rotating the valve stem, opening and closing the valve, and observing the opening and closing of the valve, to ensure the normal operation of the valve.

During the installation of the brass stop valve, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the material of the valve matches the operating environment to avoid problems such as corrosion and water leakage.

During the installation process, attention should be paid to the sealing performance of the valve connection to avoid water leakage and leakage.

During the installation and commissioning process, it is necessary to follow the operation manual or the guidance of professionals to ensure safety and reliability.